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Dental Exams in Smithtown, NY

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Why Are Dental Exams Important?

Biannual oral assessments enable Long Island, Hauppauge, and Stony Brook, NY families to take a preemptive stand to preserve the wellness of your smile. Standard dental exams at NowDental of Suffolk assess tooth decay, periodontal disease, cancer of the mouth, and different concerns that might be hurting your dental and total health. Often offered during biannual dental cleaning appointments, oral exams enable our dental team to examine the teeth, gum tissues, bite position, jawbone, and additional oral features and may allow for the prompt identification and management of dental conditions. To keep up with the wellness and beauty of your teeth, schedule a visit for you and each of your family members at our Smithtown, NY office for a thorough dental examination!

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Roughly 50,000 people in the United States are affected by oral cancer each year. Even so, this disease can be highly treatable if diagnosed promptly. Oral cancer is known as a quickly expanding growth of cells that take place in the mouth, lips, cheeks, tongue, oral glands, jawbone, neck, and other oral structures. Our dental team carries out oral cancer screenings at every dental exam to look for nonmalignant cells, cancerous tumors, or other abnormal developments. Some of the normal symptoms of oral tumors comprise abscesses, masses, elevated or coarse areas, and red or white spots of tissue. Any spots in question might be taken out and analyzed, or you may be referred to a physician for thorough care.

Who Should Get Dental Exams?

Suffolk County individuals of any age should be getting oral checkups at least once a year for general treatment. Dental exams might also be done when needed to assess tooth pain, injury, or various other conditions that could develop between cleanings. Periodontal disease — the primary reason for missing teeth — and oral caries may not cause notable signs to manifest until the more advanced phases. When dental concerns are discovered immediately, our staff can often provide more conservative services for care.

To help patients at this early age, our staff can address common problems, like the emergence of teeth and finger-sucking, and aid you in taking care of your little one's teeth and gumline as their mouth structures develop. Routine comprehensive dental exams could help your growing family develop good oral practices from the beginning and let them experience hygienic smiles for a lifetime.

What Can I Expect During My Biannual Dental Exam?

Biannual exams at our Smithtown, NY practice will start off with an assessment of your medical history. We may also review any dental concerns or cosmetic smile aspirations you have to uncover more regarding your total oral well-being. At specific yearly visits, a set of digital x-rays could be performed to provide us with more information on the health of your enamel and jawbone. From there, we will conduct a screening for oral cancer, check the alignment of your arches and jaws, and assess your teeth for trauma and the fit of any dental appliances as needed. A periodontal evaluation might also be done to look for any symptoms of gum disease.

What Can I Expect After My Dental Exam?

Having good dental wellness routines, like brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, could help minimize your chances of ending up with cavities and periodontal disease. At NowDental of Suffolk, we offer routine dental exams, on average, once per year, commonly during one of your biannual teeth cleanings. We are always available to perform exams more often for people with specific dental wellness concerns. Our practice performs a large number of comprehensive treatments, including tooth-colored cavity fillings, bridges, and ceramic veneers, to suit your special smile aims. When necessary, our staff will help you plan check-in sessions.

Are Dental Exams Covered Under Insurance?

Biannual exams are considered preventive solutions and are typically paid for by dental insurance providers. Prior to your appointment, one of our team members will examine your individual plan and tell you about any likely extra expenses. NowDental of Suffolk is excited to offer many flexible payment options to ensure that everyone can receive proper, accessible treatment.

Protect Your Smile And Prevent Damage

Enjoying a healthy smile takes more than only going to a dental practitioner if you have a problem. Routine dental exams at NowDental of Suffolk create a path for immediate diagnosis and care for dental problems and are necessary for preserving your health. Arrange your family's yearly dental evaluations with one of our talented dentists at our Smithtown, NY office soon.

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